CodeMash CTF 2018!

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The CodeMash CTF (Capture The Flag) is back for 2018…. And it starts 12/29/17! That’s right!

Starting at 12am December 29th, we will be releasing 1 challenge a day, every day, at midnight through the end of the CodeMash conference.  This will give you the chance to compete, and still enjoy the conference this year!

Head over to now.  If you already have a hacking-lab account from last year, sign in and take a look around.  If not, sign up to play!  Follow @codemashctf on twitter (or this site) to get notifications when new challenges are released.  The menu at the top will give you access to the challenges, overall scores, what flags you have captured, and new this year a buddy list.  Add your friends who are playing so you can play a game within the game to determine who the best hacker of your group is.

Only CodeMash attendees can win. The game ends at 3:00pm the last day of the conference, prizes will be handed out at the closing ceremonies, if you are not there, your prize will go to the next eligible player in line.  To make sure only CodeMash attendees can win, one of the challenges will be an onsite mission where you have to find and capture the flag inside Kalahari.  Only players who enter this flag will be eligible to win.

Prizes this year include a PS4, extra controller and charging station for 1st place.  The 2nd place is a Nintendo Switch, Mario Kart 8 and steering wheels.  Finally, the 3rd place is a retro NES classic with an extra controller and extender cables.

If you are having troubles or are looking for tips and tricks, be sure to check out the CodeMashCTF pre-compiler on January 9th from 1:00pm – 5:00pm in Applewood.  This pre-compiler will be conducted in an open house format.  Stay for 4 hours or 4 minutes.  The goal of this CTF is to help educate you, not trick you.  Bring questions, and a friend.  Direct answers will not be provided, but there may be some obvious hints dropped.

Thank you Hacking-Lab and CodeMash for making this happen for the vibrant information security community inside this conference.

Any questions, reach out on twitter @codemashctf or @wooly6bear, or head over to and contact us.

Good luck!


The CodeMash CTF Will Start EARLY This Year!

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If you are attending the 2018 CodeMash Conference, consider yourself invited to play in the Web Application Security Capture the Flag Tournament.  A CTF is a series of challenges designed to test your expertise at finding vulnerabilities in code.  There will be challenges for all skill levels.  Use the information on this site to find out how to play, and what you could win!

STARTING DECEMBER 28th a new challenge will be released every day leading up to CodeMash with the final challenge being released on Jan. 12.  Watch for an official announcement via the CodeMash alert emails.  Good Luck!