DATE:    Wednesday,  January 9th, 2018

TIME:    1:00pm  –  5:00pm  (open house format)

LOCATION:    Aloeswood/Leopardwood Room

This precompiler will be ran in an open house format.  Feel free to stop by for 10 minutes or the full 4 hours.

If you did not purchase a CodeMash Precompiler ticket, still feel free to stop by and get setup.  This is an open session to all!

If you want to attend a different precompiler at the same time, feel free to stop by for a few minutes before or after, or stop by for a few minutes on your break!

What will be covered:

  • No hacking-lab tools needed this year, but we will discuss some potential tools to help
  • Walk-through first 5 challenges to help you understand how to think like a hacker
  • Open session to play